Valtra will start using renewable fuel

Steadily gaining popularity, Neste MY renewable fuel will be poured into absolutely all vehicles of the well-known brand of agricultural equipment operating on diesel fuel. In annual terms, this solution will allow replacing more than 700,000 liters of diesel with a restored analog.

First of all, the innovation will concern the equipment that works directly at the production plant in Suolahti (Finland). Nevertheless, the exported cars will also be pre-filled with a new type of fuel – 30-40 liters of recovered diesel fuel will be poured into each tank.

Neste is a manufacturer that is fairly well known in certain circles, therefore, confidence in its products from the well-known Finnish brand is quite expected and logical. The fuel of the new generation should provide a number of advantages in comparison with the usual diesel engine:

  • Ecology. The amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere is reduced by 90%, and these are not theoretical, but quite real proven figures. This is due primarily to the fact that the product is made from recoverable waste. As for the effect of using a similar source of work for diesel engines, it is comparable to the fact that more than half a thousand passenger cars were completely removed from the roads. With similar indicators in the mass transition to alternative fuels, the load on the environment should become much less.
  • Quality. Renewable fuel Neste MY has nothing to do with the more familiar biodiesel, since its production principle is radically different. In practice, the manufacturer receives a premium fuel with high efficiency and overall energy efficiency. A new type of energy carrier is classified as a hydrogenated vegetable oil.
  • Versatility. The undoubted advantages of recovered diesel fuel should be counted as the fact that it can work in absolutely any diesel engine. At the same time, the use of additives, additional reagents or any other auxiliary elements is absolutely not necessary. Any diesel engine with this fuel will work almost perfectly, and no worse than on a traditional diesel engine.
  • All seasonality. One of the most impressive differences in the safe fuel of the new sample is that it can be used to cold start the engine even in particularly cold season. In fact, it is possible to start the engine on a new diesel engine even in arctic conditions at ambient temperatures down to -34 degrees Celsius. Due to this, the new energy carrier should become a popular solution in almost all areas of activity, including the movement of special equipment in conditions of particularly low temperatures.

The undoubted advantage of such a decision will also be the fact that the cost of a new fuel is not much different from the traditional counterpart, which will ensure its massive popularization and a gradual transition to it from other major manufacturers of special equipment.

What do company representatives say?

It is impossible to call such an event ordinary, since the transition to safe fuel is intended to radically change the situation on the modern market for agricultural equipment. Such close cooperation between the two large companies caused a tangible resonance, therefore, both parties concerned commented on its possible consequences.

The manufacturer of Neste, represented by Mika Hüetülüinen, who holds the position of vice president of marketing, said that he was very pleased with the resulting union. And also special attention was paid to the fact that at the expense of Valtra a new type of fuel will be found in more than 75 countries of the world where the brand’s equipment is exported. These figures are quite real, since 9 out of 10 assembled pieces of equipment are sent for export. As for the fuel itself, the representative of the company noted that its important feature is that it is well preserved even with long-term storage in tanks. In practice, this means that its properties during storage will not change, thereby ensuring high efficiency of use.

Mikko Lehikoinen, occupying the position of marketing director at Valtra, paid special attention to the issue of ecology. In his opinion, the use of innovative energy carrier will allow the company to become one of the leaders in the modern market for safe and reliable agricultural equipment. Taking into account how carefully Finns treat the environment as a whole, the introduction of such an environmentally friendly fuel has become quite logical and expected result.