The history of the most powerful tractor in the world

Among the whole variety of large or even rather huge machinery, it is the largest tractor in the world that attracts the most attention. This is due primarily to the fact that such machines operate under normal conditions, in contrast to the same major excavators, loaders or dump trucks, which are often hidden in quarries and other industrial facilities.

Since the increase in the efficiency of work in agriculture is often achieved through the use and active introduction of more efficient and powerful equipment, it was quite expected that, in a rather distant 1975, Rossi Brothers ordered a unique Big Bud tractor, which even four decades later, remains the largest and most impressive representative of its kind.

Particularly interesting is the fact that the cost of such a miracle of technology at that time was almost 300,000 dollars – the amount is even huge now. Due to such a rush around such a large-scale agricultural project, almost all the media covered almost every stage of construction and putting a tractor into operation. The first trip to the field was also impressive, because until now all the equipment used in the agricultural sector, looked much more modest both in performance and in its geometrical parameters. It was the first test in the working conditions that made it clear that the question of what the most powerful and large tractor in the world was finally resolved in favor of Big Bud.

Specifications and features

Since the tractor is recognized as the most powerful in the Guinness Book of Records, the description of its characteristics should be started with the engine:

The power plant of the tractor consists of 16 cylinders, the engine itself is V-shaped. Its volume is just over 24 liters, which is approximately equal to 10 quite economical, but at the same time powerful modern passenger cars. Engine power is 900 horsepower, and this level is possible through the use of two turbochargers and superchargers.

The speed box on the background of such power looks quite modest. It consists of 6 forward gears and one back. However, by the standards of creation time, this was more than enough to solve any necessary tasks.

The most impressive thing about the tractor is its dimensions. Its length is 8.2 meters, width – just over 6 meters, and height – 4.3 m. In this case, the wheelbase is 4.9 meters.

We should also note the capacity of the fuel tank, which reaches a whopping almost 3,800 liters. Fully equipped and seasoned, the Big Bud tractor weighs as much as 45 tons – an indicator that is impressive, especially considering that it is a “regular” tractor for traditional agricultural work.

The first 11 years of his life the tractor was engaged in cultivating the land in the cotton fields in California, where he was used for deep loosening the soil. After that, the tractor began to be used in conjunction with a cultivator, the capture of which was as much as 24 meters. He coped with any of these tasks without the slightest problem, confirming the status of the most powerful and highly productive.

At the moment, the car is in the Iowa State Museum, where it still attracts the attention of visitors with its scale and interesting creation history. It is noteworthy that even after 40 years, no other tractor is able to boast of such dimensions and performance, since it was really an experimental vehicle, made in a single copy by special order.