Massey Ferguson 7347S – the new leader among grain harvesting machinery

During the beginning of the harvest, many farmers are seriously asking about what equipment they should buy in order to ensure high quality of harvesting and at the same time guarantee high financial profitability. Combine Massey Ferguson 7347S Activa – this is the case when the adequate cost, high performance and trouble-free operation harmoniously complement each other.

The most important distinctive feature of the new combine is its versatility, since it is possible for them to assemble absolutely any crops in the most diverse conditions, and equally efficiently. It was possible to achieve a similar result solely due to the painstaking work of the designers, who carefully designed each node and unit of the new “King of the Fields”, taking into account all the technical features that can optimize and improve its mode of operation. And information about the technical characteristics of agricultural equipment can be found here: The equipment looks truly innovative, since each individual unit effectively complements the other:

  • Free Flow harvester. Its length reaches 7 meters, and the high speed of the auger for receiving grain is ensured by the presence of fingers over its entire width, which optimize and accelerate the process of the ingress of grain to the conveyor of an inclined chamber.
  • Spit Schumacher. Due to the high speed of its work, which reaches 1254 cuts in one minute, the risks of clogging the header are minimized. Due to this, the efficiency of the combine remains at a consistently high level regardless of operating conditions.

The centrifugal separator in conjunction with a special receiving beater distributes the collected grain mass more evenly, which guarantees an even and better threshing of grain and its separation.

The high inertia threshing drum with a diameter of 600 mm guarantees the highest quality threshing. The presence of ballast bars in it allows to equalize the load at its peak readings, thereby ensuring the reliability of the entire complex threshing system of the Massey Ferguson 7347S combine.

Due to the balance and perfect fit of all individual elements, the system works smoothly and reliably, ensuring uninterrupted operation, high quality grain cleaning and optimization of straw processing.

It is also noteworthy that the area of ​​active separation of the new harvesting machinery is 2.25 m2. Another important feature of the bright representative of the line of high-quality combines is its efficiency. In ideally dry conditions of cleaning, the design of the machine provides for the possibility of removing the concave from work – this measure significantly reduces the overall fuel consumption and also reduces the load on the cleaning system.

What ensures work efficiency

Since Massey Ferguson 7347S can be categorized with complete confidence in the class of really high-performance equipment that operates at sufficiently high speeds, all elements of the system related to threshing, transportation and unloading of grain must also meet the highest quality standards.

The company’s engineers tried their best and were able to present a truly innovative model, which appealed not only to large agricultural firms, but also to ordinary farmers. This is quite expected, since the combine does have something to boast:

  • The upper sieve due to the ideally balanced air flow provides excellent grain cleaning performance, while significantly reducing the load on the lower sieve. The total cleaning area is almost 5.6 m2.
  • Grain bunker. Its capacity is 8600 liters. The presence of a special sight glass, as well as a drive for folding lids, allow you to quickly assess the level of loading and, if necessary, quickly perform unloading.
  • Special unloading auger has an optimal length, which is enough for efficient unloading of grain for any type of transport in almost any field or road conditions. The discharge rate can reach 85 liters per second.

The agrarians who apply the technology of minimal tillage will also appreciate the novelty. The novelty offers a truly innovative approach to work, perfectly chopping straw and evenly distributing it throughout the field. This process is so carefully thought out from an engineering point of view that it allows the processing of straw with minimal expenditure of energy and money, while obtaining an excellent result of the work.

Combine Massey Ferguson 7347S is remarkable not only due to its ability in terms of harvesting – this is the most important, but not the only point worthy of attention. The power plant, which serves as the heart of the harvesting machinery, is an innovative and highly efficient AGCO SISU POWER engine with a power of 306 horsepower. The most interesting thing that can offer such a motor is the presence of the PowerBoost function, which allows you to simultaneously perform grain threshing and its parallel unloading into a transport.

Also manufacturer poured enough attention to the comfort issues of the combine operator. For this, the Proline cabin has been developed, which has the best viewing capabilities. The designers also tried their best with respect to the ergonomics of the cabin – a special joystick-manipulator or touch pad allow you to control almost all the processes in the combine, even without leaving the cab. The intuitive interface, high accuracy, responsiveness and reliability in the process of even the most active exploitation make the Massey Ferguson 7347S combine one of the best offers on the modern market, which practically has no competitors in terms of price-performance ratio. It is the balanced ratio of all these qualities that makes the equipment of the eminent manufacturer so popular and popular among the end customers.